NINGBO SHUAITELONG GROUP CO., LTD, founded in 1994 on October 11, is a set design, research and development, manufacturing, sales of auto parts enterprises. Do the company in line with to the \"product specialization, and enterprise, do big\" business philosophy, after more than 20 years of development, become the German audi, faw Volkswagen, Shanghai Volkswagen, Shanghai gm, guangzhou Honda, tianjin Toyota, Beijing hyundai, faw car, Shanghai automotive, Great Wall motor, chery, jianghuai auto automobile manufacturing company strategic suppliers. Company main products are electronic gear controller assembly, ash box assembly, outer door handle assembly, interior door handle assembly, ceiling handle assembly, drinks beverage holder assembly, store content box assembly, sunshade shade assembly, etc. Series of products. By customers rated \"excellent supplier\", \"a-class supplier\", \"excellent quality prize\" and so on. The total assets of 500 million yuan, factory building area of 50000 square meters, existing staff of more than 1000.
    Company has been committed to auto production \"concurrent engineering\", handsome, to strengthen the construction of talent engineering and interactive platform, set up a provincial high-tech enterprise research and development center, post-doctoral scientific research workstation, and applied for more than 60 national patents, has a number of highly qualified r&d team, directly with the major international automobile design company for data exchange. Company has high precision mold processing equipment, gas-assisted injection molding machine, sandwich injection molding machine, two-color injection molding machine and other new energy saving injection molding machine, the class of 100000 coating production line, automatic electroplating production line, assembly line and so on more than 160 sets of international and domestic advanced manufacturing equipment. At the same time the company test center has more than 60 sets of experimental equipment, assembly of parts can be durable service life experiment, high and low temperature storage, climate, alternating test and destructive test, falling ball test, vibration test, the deformation test, etc.; Material corrosion test, tensile test, impact test, vicat softening test, volatile performance test (smell, atomization), etc.; Part three coordinates measuring, 3 d measurement, etc.
    Company in 1999 through the ISO9002, QS9000 quality system certification, in 2005 passed the ISO14001 environment system, ISO/TS16949 quality system certification, is a high and new technology enterprise, national torch plan key high-tech enterprise, the secondary unit of safety production standardization, the zhejiang province well-known firm, credit management model enterprise in zhejiang province, zhejiang province innovative pilot enterprises, green enterprises in zhejiang province and ningbo city mayor award units, ningbo technology innovation demonstration enterprises, ningbo harmonious enterprises create advanced units, star of ningbo city industrial enterprise growth, work safety in production advanced unit of ningbo, ningbo manufacturing fortune 100 companies, etc.
    Company performance management institutionalized, work flow and management, the \"four modernizations\" lean production management standards, adherence to the \"people rich\" employment concept, create a harmonious working environment, make the staff with full enthusiasm and youth development, grow together with the company.

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